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Introducing Encoder

The world's first and only piezoelectric technology expressly adapted
to bring athletes into a state of cohesive symmetry and synergy.

Encoder mirror

"I've started to sleep and think better. It enhances my performance and makes me feel way healthier
I am 100% committed to using the Encoder for the rest of my life"


  Voted No1 L.A. Times
 Dr. Best is known as the ‘Celebrity Chiropractor' and has been featured in the media for his sports and holistic chiropractic expertise on The Doctors, KTLA5 Morning News, Extra, Associated Press, Fox 11 News, KCAL News.
Dr. Best was also a competitive rower on the Crew Team in college and worked with the national cycling team as an on-site chiropractor for the Olympic Trials.

Dr. Ken Best, Celebrity Sports Physician, evaluates the Encoder's ability to improve strength, balance and flexibility and overall performance for athletes and sports players.

  Dr. Ken Bests states:
  "The Encoder is
This new technology not only improves balance, strength and flexibility but I found it provides the body protection against electromagnetic frequencies that weaken our neurological pathways.

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Anthony final

Anthony Munios

CrossFit Coach

"The Encoder helped me within 5 minutes to double my best-ever athletic performance in handstand walking. I'm a CrossFit coach and the Encoder and Entrainer Drops are the best I've ever experienced for athletes and players of all sports wanting to go beyond their previous best performances!"


Chris Russo new

Chris Russo

Div 1 College Golf

"Within 10 minutes the Encoder and Entrainer Drops enabled me to hit the golf ball longer with both my driver & iron and with greater accuracy...the Encoder is AWESOME!"


Chris Geier new

  Chris Geier

Peak Performance

"I experienced an instant increase in strength and flexibility with the Encoder. My clients who are athletes and sports players now have the Encoder and are all enjoying the same's truly remarkable!"

Published independently on April 5, 2013

"Below is a recording of the piezoelectric ceramic disk used in the Encoder wristband containing over 200 health enhancing biosonic frequencies. You can't hear these ultrasonic vibrations and the human eye can't see these photonic sonic waves but nevertheless, your body harnesses these energetics to enhance health and optimize performance. The Greenfield Naturals Bio-photonic tech, Tony Gates, stated he has never tested a product that showed this kind of energy."


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